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September 21, 2016

“Somewhere between our favorite vintage timepieces and the greatest sophomore albums of all time, you can find the inspiration for our second watch: the 2.0”

The 2.0 is the culmination of everything we've done as a company. Inspired by some of the most iconic and timeless watch designs, the 2.0 is a modern take on a classic chronograph. Each watch is carefully assembled in-house using industry-leading Swiss movements. We take great care in every detail.


We spent a lot of late nights locked in our Brooklyn shop brainstorming and creating what would become our second official watch. 

 The 2.0 features a 10-hour timer that can be started, stopped, and reset using the two pushes on the side of the watch. Every watch is adorned with our new signature '13' and individually numbered on the back plate. The 2.0 is unlike any other watch you've ever owned and will be a timepiece that can be adored for generations.


The number 13 means a lot of different things to different cultures. Some believe it brings bad luck, some believe it’s a cleansing number. For us, 13 has been present in Throne since the beginning. It represents upheaval and breaking new ground and the making of one’s own luck. The number 12 has adorned American watches since the beginning of time. We put a 13 in its place because to us, the number 13 represents Throne. 


We’re so excited and proud to finally share this watch with you. Your support means the world, thank you.

- Team Throne, #forgettime


Jonathan Lee

I think i saw a version of the Throne 2.0 with a charcoal colored face via Gear Patrol… It was perfect. I want it. Need may be more appropriate. Does such a version exist? Has the internet tricked me? Was I misled by incorrect contrast ratios on my monitor? I must know if my dreams can become reality.

Manon Morency

Where can I buy your watches in Montreal Canada?
I really like the green one.
Thank you

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